Howard College Ambassadors

The Howard College Ambassadors is a group of students selected by the chair of each department to promote their major. They are excited about their field of study and are passionate about their Samford experience. You will probably meet a Howard College Ambassador during a fall Preview Day or on campus during the fall Majors Connection. They also host and escort prospective students to class or professor visits within Howard College. Feel free to browse through the current ambassadors to find a student you may have already met on campus.

Samford’s Howard College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest and largest college on campus, with over 16 different departments. Howard College is the best option for students interested in a range of topics. A liberal arts degree allows students to have professional flexibility with any future path. Howard College finds value in a liberal arts education because it offers more than a major or career. We emphasize the timeless ideas, skills, experiences, relationships, and tools that students need to make their life more fulfilling and enriched.

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