John Howard Scholars

John Howard, born Sept. 2, 1726, made it his life’s work to bring public attention to the shameful treatment of prisoners. Howard is now widely recognized as a model of Christian compassion for society’s outcasts. Half a century after his death, a group of Alabama Baptists named their new college in honor of this great humanitarian. Adding further honor to the name, Samford University's Howard College of Arts and Sciences created the Howard Scholars, a select group of junior undergraduates chosen from among the finest in the college.


Howard Scholars is a community of demonstrated intellectual leaders who serve as academic ambassadors to Howard College of Arts and Sciences. Dedicated to scholarly excellence in a liberal arts environment, members participate in various activities that promote research and interdisciplinary engagement both within the group and throughout the college.


To enrich the intellectual culture of our college and university as a whole.


  • Initiate and promote interdisciplinary conversations.
  • Participate in experiential learning activities.
  • Promote and highlight student and faculty research within Howard College.
  • Engage in learning opportunities with faculty outside the classroom.
  • Give a student voice to important campus discussions.
  • Represent Howard College at the annual Davis Lecture and other academically oriented events.

Application and Selection

All Howard College majors who have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.75 after three semesters will be sent an invitation to apply for inclusion in the Howard Scholars Program. Approximately twenty students will be selected to participate and a formal announcement of those selected will be made to the university on or near John Howard Day (September 2) each year.

Recognition and Requirements

Students who are selected for the Howard Scholars Program will be recognized at an introductory dinner and will also be recognized on the Howard College website.

Howard Scholars will meet regularly with the Dean of the Howard College of Arts and Sciences to work toward accomplishing the stated goals. Students engaged in group activities and participating regularly will be named permanently as Howard Scholars and be given honor cords to wear at graduation.

2023-2024 Howard Scholars

  • Thomas Aldag

  • Sam Allen

  • Garrison Brothers

  • Linden Cundiff

  • Matthew DiPrima

  • Mitchell Drennen

  • Jonathan Durden

  • Elizabeth Flood

  • Samuel Gould

  • Allison Haines

  • Anne Kelley

  • Dylan Lee

  • James Martin

  • Emma McBane

  • Alexa McDermott

  • Emma Mikell

  • Kennedy Russell

  • Savannah Smith

  • Lee Taylor

  • Alison Williams

Peer Mentors

  • Paisley Williams
  • Ashleigh Jones

Application Form

Clark Scholars

The Clark Scholars Program at Samford University prepares students for a career in an exciting new area of research at the nexus of biology and computational science. Computational biology unites the fields of biology, computer science, mathematics, and information technology. The ultimate goal of this emerging discipline is the discovery of new biological insights and create a global perspective from which to discover unifying principles in biology, pharmacology, and medicine.

The Program combines interdisciplinary classes with research experiences and personal mentoring, enhances employment opportunities, and provides significant advantages for those considering graduate school or professional training such as medical school.

Required Courses

Scholars may choose any major but must take the Clark Scholars Core through the Howard College of Arts and Sciences. The core includes two courses in each of the following areas: biology, computer science, and bioinformatics. Clark Scholars who successfully complete the academic requirements are also on track to receive a bioinformatics minor, with the completion of a few additional courses.

  • Foundations of Biology I (BIOL 203)
  • Intro to Programming (COSC 110)
  • Genetics (BIOL 333)
  • Principles of Bioinformatics (BIOL 306/COSC 306)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (COSC 210)
  • Advanced Bioinformatics (BIOL 407/COSC 407)

*To apply for scholarships, you must have an online Samford account. If you've started your Samford/Common App admission application, you can apply for scholarships using the same login information. If you haven't started an admission application, please log in as a new user.


Global and Cultural Studies Scholars+

The Global & Cultural Studies Scholars program supports majors and minors pursuing global engagement and cross-cultural understanding. With an annual scholarship, the program supports students as they not only learn how to explore the complexities of other cultures in the classroom but also gain firsthand experience living and studying abroad. Through this variety of experiences, Global and Cultural Studies Scholars gain a thorough background in history, foreign languages, and geography. They graduate equipped to succeed in a world of global interdependence. Our students go on to pursue careers in a range of fields, including archaeology, social work, public history, vocational ministry, education, and employment with local and international non-profits. For more information, contact Brian Hamm.

Preministerial Scholars

Samford University's Preministerial Scholars program equips young ministers for personal, spiritual, and professional excellence in ministry leadership. Biblical and Religious Studies majors who are accepted into Preministerial Scholars receive and engage in the following:

  • A $3,000 stipend that can be used to help fund ministry opportunities like:
  • Mission trips
  • Ministry conferences
  • Ministry internships
  • Three ministry internships with on-site mentoring and personal mentoring with the Preministerial Scholars Coordinator. This experience has consistently received superior reviews from students. The internships are customized to the student’s current ministry interests. In addition to semester-long internships, students can choose one summer ministry experience. We have participated with nearly 200 ministry and mission sites in Birmingham and worldwide. Students benefit from extensive internship experience as they pursue post-graduation ministry positions.
  • Participation in two Cadres led by Dr. James Barnette and the Biblical and Religious Studies faculty. The Fall Semester Cadre is for first-time Preministerial Scholars, and the Spring Cadre is open to all Preministerial Scholars and covers areas of spiritual growth in ministry. Students receive convocation credit for attending the Cadres.

Applicants must commit to a Biblical and Religious Studies major, represent the highest moral and ethical standards and principles, and demonstrate leadership inclination or capacity, energy, industry and self-reliance in extracurricular activities.

Applicants must have a sense of calling to full-time ministry in one of the following church-related vocations: senior pastor, associate pastor, church administrator, minister of education, age group minister, music and worship minister, career missionary, hospital chaplain, campus minister, pastoral/family counselor, seminary/religion professor, bivocational senior pastor, church-related social worker, justice ministry, church-related nonprofits, or Christian media/journalism.

Applicants must meet all requirements for admission to Samford University and must be admitted at the time of any official announcement of the award.

All application materials and recommendations are due no later than December 1. Decisions of the Biblical and Religious Studies Department are final.


Stockham Scholars

The Stockham Scholars program supports outstanding students desiring to study in the Christian liberal arts tradition for the purpose of cultivating leadership and responsible citizenship. Student career goals include pursuits in business, law, ministry, education, and public service. Stockham scholars must maintain academic excellence, participate in designated cadres, complete an approved internship, and complete a capstone seminar on freedom, civic virtue, and leadership. Each Stockham Scholar receives a $3,000 scholarship per year for three years. Learn More