As the heart of Samford University, Howard College of Arts and Sciences inspires students to a lifetime of inquiry and service through engaged learning, faculty research and vocational discovery within the liberal arts and the Christian ethical and intellectual traditions.

Many Samford students are called to the careers represented in more than 40 Howard College of Arts and Sciences majors and concentrations. Most Samford students, whatever their professional aspirations, will spend the majority of their first two years taking courses in the college and building the foundation for more advanced study in this college or any other academic division. Courses in the humanities acquaint students with the religious, social, linguistic and aesthetic dimensions of world cultures. Courses in the social sciences provide a means for exploring the varieties of human experience and patterns of social behavior. Courses in mathematics and sciences provide insight into the natural world and quantitative methods.

As a vitally important part of Samford University's unique mission, Howard College of Arts and Sciences also engages students in the larger questions of life and helps students develop the core of personal beliefs and strong code of values that lead to an informed and constructive public life.