School of Public Health Undergraduate Degrees

In the School of Public Health, we educate students who are called to serve populations by tackling issues that affect health and well-being. Through dynamic and innovative curriculum, we prepare professional to enter interprofessional teams ready to promote healthy behaviors, improve communities and deliver health care to all.

Foods and Nutrition

Food and nutrition majors combine the basic knowledge of culinary skills and personal nutrition and apply this knowledge to a variety of other areas. Students have the opportunity to choose a minor or cognate that best suits their desired career paths.

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Health Information Management

This undergraduate degree prepares students to be a critical link between health care providers and their patients by being an expert in managing patient health information and possessing comprehensive knowledge of medical administrative, ethical and legal requirements/standards relating to health care delivery.

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Healthcare Administration

This undergraduate degree prepares students for entry-level management position in healthcare organizations or admission into a graduate program. The degree allows graduates to join the workforce in a variety of areas including fellowships, hospitals, clinics, public health department, consulting firms, insurance agencies and government entities.

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Nutrition and Dietetics

When it comes to human health, few topics create more interest or more discussion than food and nutrition. Samford's nutrition and dietetic program has been preparing students to become competent, entry-level dietitians/nutritionists (RDN) for more than 80 years.

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Public Health

Samford's Bachelor of Science in Public Health will prepare students with the knowledge and skills to excel in a wide array of public health professions, or to continue on to graduate school in fields like medicine, science, social science or public health.

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