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SAS recently announced a collaboration with Samford to create sports analytics talent to help meet the enormous demand for sports analytics talent and offer learners rewarding careers.

“It’s an exciting time to enter the world of sports analytics,” said Sean O’Brien, Vice President of SAS Education. “People with the skills offered by the Samford center will be greeted by a dynamic and opportunity-rich job market.”

SAS sports analytics division has helped multiple sports organizations build fan passion into breakthrough revenue including the New York Mets, Orlando MagicBoston Bruins, and others. Samford’s partnership with SAS opens the door for our sports analytics students to find employment with SAS’s sports partners.

“Our biggest challenge is to customize the fan experience, and SAS helps us manage all that in a robust way.” Alex Martins, CEO, Orlando Magic

SAS sports analytics division has also helped sports teams with player and team sports analytics. Recently, Rikard Grönborg, the coach for the Swedish men’s national ice hockey team, used SAS to assist in the selection of players for Sweden’s World Cup team. “We are specialists in hockey, not statistics. It’s important that our decisions are based on facts in order to increase our chances for success,” says Grönborg. “That’s why we have help from SAS.”

SAS analyzed and evaluated player information from The data is based on 1,230 regular season matches that include 1 million substitutions and 400,000 events. Things like penalties and goal attempts count as events. The statistics not only describe how players have performed in previous matches, but also predict how to maximize the team resources over time. The goal is to optimize the resources that are available and use them at the right time and in the best part of the match.

Students in Samford’s analytics tracks will have the opportunity to work with SAS clients like the Swedish men’s national ice hockey team. 

“The analysis takes the emotion out of the decision and shows in black and white how the players perform on the ice. Often, the analysis has confirmedour gut feeling, but it has also brought surprising insights.” Rikard Grönborg, Coach, Swedish Men’s National Ice Hockey Team

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