The Center for Sports Analytics provides invaluable experience for current undergraduate and graduate students and recent college graduates to explore the various facets of sports analytics. Interns are privy to exploring all three spheres of sports analytics.

(1) Analytics in Player & Game Performance

When most people think of analytics in sports, they think of how teams have used data to enhance performance: to select the best players, field the best teams, and make the best decisions on the field or court.

(2) Business Analytics in Sports

A second major category of analytics in sports revolves around business strategy decisions. These include analytics for ticket pricing, fan loyalty, sponsorships, promotions, social media, and fan engagement.

(3) Player Health and Injury Analytics

The third category of sports analytics is health and injury analytics. Mental, biochemical, muscular-structural and biomechanical data are gathered by teams. Data is used to alert trainers and coaches if a player’s data are out of the expected range with the goal of injury prevention and peak performance.

The Center seeks interns that wish to work in any of the three sports analytics spheres.

Commonly Asked Questions

What time of year is the Center looking for interns?

The Center for Sports Analytics accepts interns for the fall, spring and summer semesters.

What is the deadline for applying for an internship?

Deadline for fall term internships – July 1st
Deadline for spring term internships – December 1st
Deadline for summer term internships – April 1st

Do I have to move to Birmingham for the internship?

No, internships can be completed on-site or remotely. Students that are not on-site need to be prepared to meet with the Executive Director weekly via Skype.

How many hours does an intern have to work each week?

Interns need to be prepared to work a minimum of ten hours per week.

What skills are required to be an intern in the Center for Sports Analytics?

The required skills depend of which of the following job responsibilities you apply for:
  1. Business Analytics in Sports Intern
  2. Player and Game Performance Analytics Intern
  3. Player Health and Injury Analytics Intern
  4. Content Editor/Writer Intern
  5. Social Media Intern
  6. Video Production Intern
  7. Graphic Design Intern
  8. Event Production Intern

How do I apply?

Any interested applicants should send their resume & cover letter to No phone calls please.

What will I be doing for the Center during my internship?

Internship responsibilities vary depending on job title, however, most students will be involved in some aspects of the following:
  1. The Center seeks to be an international thought leader in the emerging field of sports analytics by providing a forum for industry professionals and students to learn about the increasing role of analytics in the global sports industry. This goal is partially achieved via the creation and distribution of innovative, current content related to sports analytics. Thus, most interns, depending on job title, will analyze and discover sports statistical trends and illustrate their significance in written form. Interns will first identify and prepare sports data sources (many are listed on our website). Students will then analyze the data with an eye to identifying original insights that would be interesting to the Center’s audience. Students will be asked to write a report of their findings that is compelling and professional. Over one hundred thousand unique visitors have read the content published on the Center’s website over the last two years. Thus, interns have the opportunity to promote themselves to a large audience of potential employers.
  2. Students will be involved in various ongoing public-facing data analytics projects such as the NFL Relevance Rankings, College Football Relevance Rankings, NBA Relevance Rankings, etc.
  3. Depending on job responsibility, most interns will be required to participate in ONE major sports analytics research project. The student must develop an original research question, collect the necessary data to answer the research question and present their findings to the Center’s leadership via Skype. If deemed of high quality, the intern will be encouraged to submit their research project to the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.
  4. Students will be involved in the Center’s ongoing analytics projects with various companies that utilize sports sponsorship in the building of their brand. Students will learn how companies currently measure sponsorship ROI and will be involved in the Center’s efforts to develop more robust metrics utilizing big data.
  5. Interns must subscribe to the Sports Business Journal and complete an online quiz each week to demonstrate that they are reading the journal.
  6. Students will be given the opportunity to gain experience in the industry by serving as volunteers at various sporting events throughout the year. The Center is regularly approached by sports properties with a request for student help with the collection of data from fans at sporting events.