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Photo The Bright Future of the MLB
The Bright Future of the MLB
This article will observe the top 7 young stars in the MLB that are currently under the age of 25. The chart that is included within this article examines batting average, home runs, hits, and many more stats. This aims to show which stars could be good for the long haul in professional baseball. 
Photo Should the NBA Eliminate the “One-and-Done” Rule?
Should the NBA Eliminate the One-and-Done Rule?
The one-and-done rule raised the NBA's age limit from 18 to 19 and, in doing so, gave young basketball players more time to develop their skills and physically mature before entering the NBA draft. This article seeks to determine whether or not that extra year made the young players more likely to succeed within the first several years of their professional careers. 
Photo Social Media and European Football
Social Media and European Football
This article will discuss the top eight European football clubs that have the largest following on social media. This article will look at Twitter and Instagram specifically and will also discuss how social media can impact the club and specific players of each team that is mentioned. 
Photo Summer of the Transfers in Europe
Summer of the Transfers in Europe
This article will compare four leagues in European football and see which club from each league has spent the most amount of money during this summer’s transfer window. The charts that will be included will look at expenditures, departures, arrivals, and gain in income. This article will also mention the top three summer transfers from each league. 
Photo Hailie-Deegan.jpg
Who is Hailie Deegan, and why could she become the new face of NASCAR?
This article details how Hailie Deegan has quickly become a social media celebrity and how she is poised to be the next possible face of NASCAR with her marketable personality and great driving. 
Photo pile-of-money.jpg
An Analysis of NBA Teams’ Spending by Position for the Upcoming Season
This article takes a statistical look at how NBA teams are paying their players in the 2019-2020 season. It will break down how this money is spent by teams, their salaries, and by position.