Project Samson

In fall 2021, Samford will launch an innovative new initiative, Project Samson. In partnership with Samford University Athletics, Center for Sports Analytics, American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), and Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center, Project Samson seeks to provide enhanced opportunities for Samford students across both athletics and academic programs, including internships, clinical placements, and extracurricular learning. This initiative will bring the latest technology, data analysis, and sports medicine practices together to enhance student learning in this program.

Sports Analytics Research

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How Do High School Rankings Affect NBA Success?
Every NBA Draft, teams hope to draft the next superstar, and fans hope their team drafts a superstar. Since many players stay in college for only one season, high school rankings are more valuable for the NBA than other sports when determining who will succeed at the NBA level. Or are they? 
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Gooooaaaallll: Euro 2020 Broke All the Records
There were a record number of penalty kicks in this year’s European Championship. As the amount of penalty kicks grew, so did the amount of penalty kicks being saved by goalies. This article compares EURO 2020 to other European Championships and examines the potential causes of the increase in penalty save percentage.  
Photo 2008 MLB All-Star Game - National League Lining up
All-Stars vs Snubs: Who Are the Best MLB Has to Offer?
The MLB All-Star Game, the Midsummer Classic. It is the highlight baseball game of every summer, where the best MLB players of the year come together to play an exhibition game. There is only one problem… many of the best players will not be playing. 
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MLB Sponsor Report Card: Chevy, Mastercard, and Camping World Best in Class While Taco Bell Struggles
Often, sports fans are exposed to companies through interactions on social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok, and through commercials while watching their favorite sports league. “Are MLB fans more likely to interact with and thus purchase the products of the official sponsors, compared to their competitors?” is the question I set out to answer in this study. 
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EURO 2020 - So Many Goals! Why?
There has been an overwhelming increase in goals scored in EURO 2020 compared to other EURO tournaments. This article explores some of the causes behind this increase. Those causes include own goals and the market value of players.  
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MLB All-Star Game 2021 Predictions Pre-Picks
Enter your predictions for the starting lineup for the 2021 MLB All-Star Game.