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Largest Soccer Fan Study Ever Reveals Surprising Insights
The MLS commissioned the Boston Consulting Group to conduct a research study seeking to ascertain why North American soccer fans watch the sport, regardless of league, and what MLS clubs could do to build deeper fan relationships. It has evolved over the last 3 years into a mid-seven-figure investment in analytics, data and research, helping the MLS create a strategic framework to deepen fan engagement and increase revenue. 
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March Madness: Do “One-and-Done” Players Win National Championships?
“One-and-done” players, or players who only play one season of college basketball before entering the NBA draft, greatly contribute to their teams’ successes and are expected to lead their teams to victory after victory in the NCAA tournament. In this article, we analyze the former rosters and NCAA tournament performances of Duke University and the University of Kentucky in order to see if there is a strong correlation between a team’s number of one-and-done players and degree of success in the NCAA tournament. 
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By the Numbers: Data Analytics and Its Growing Effect on Golf
This article talks about how data analytics has become increasingly more popular in the game of golf. It gives insights to how tools such as ShotLink have changed how players can play the game as well as how fans can engage while watching. 
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Gen Z Sports Consumption Research
It seems that all sports properties are hyper focused on finding a way to reach Generations Z ( 10 to 22 year olds or people born between 1997 and 2009).  
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Statistical Tools for March Madness Bracketology
It’s that time of year again when the nation turns its attention to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  
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Can Birmingham Harness the Unifying Power of its Newest Sports Team?
Center for Sports Analytics executive director Darin White recently published this article about what Birmingham’s newest professional sports team means for the city.