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Machine Learning Uncovers Nine Distinct Player Types in the NBA
One thing is certain, it's difficult to compare players from different eras when the NBA changes decade after decade.  
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Behind the Data: Where is CrossFit Most Popular in the United States?
CrossFit is known for grueling workouts and their free market approach to gym affiliation resulting in strong communities with avid participants.  
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The Interesting Connection Between Southwest Airlines and the Super Bowl Champions
There is meaning behind these sponsorships/partnerships, and none happen by accident. 
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How I Built a Competitive NFL Prediction Model with Only Five Statistics
The 2022 NFL season officially concluded last Sunday with the Kansas City Chiefs’ 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ second Super Bowl win in four years. The game was arguably an all timer as Harrison Butker’s kick with seven seconds put Kansas City on top for good. 
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Exploring Key Analytic Measurements to Predict the Super Bowl LVII Winner
This article explores 5 key factors that often predict success in the NFL. On paper, the Chiefs and the Eagles are almost evenly matched, but Philadelphia and Kansas City have a large differential in one main factor. 
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In the Trenches: Quantifying Performance vs Expectation for NFL Offensive and Defensive Linemen
In this project, we seek to answer the question, 'can we evaluate if a player is performing as expected based on physical metrics and combine testing?' This project aims to give an overall rating to both offensive linemen and pass rushers on pass attempts, then comparing this to how they are expected to perform based on combine metrics, physical traits, and averages from previous in-game play.