If you want to ride the crest of a tidal wave that is sweeping the sports industry, get into data science, business analytics and statistics. The world of sports is awash in data. With the explosive growth of data, there is a new avenue for hard working college graduates to break into the front office of sports teams. Analytics is changing the games we love to watch in momentous ways. Every professional sports team in the U.S. now employees an army of data scientists to crunch numbers on everything from ticket sales, social media data, player performance statistics and biometric data. ESPN has taken notice and now ranks the strength of each team’s analytics staff, its buy-in from executives and coaches, its investment in analytics and how much its business and game strategy approach is predicated on analytics.

If you love numbers and are looking to land a dream job in sports, the Samford University Center for Sports Analytics is a great place to start. 

How to Get a Job in Sports Analytics

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