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Thanks for considering being a guest blogger.


The center seeks to be an international thought leader in the emerging field of sports analytics by providing a forum for industry professionals and students to learn about the increasing role of analytics in the global sports industry. This goal is partially achieved via the creation and distribution of innovative, current content related to sports analytics.

Over one hundred thousand unique visitors have read the content published on the Center and its predecessor’s websites over the last two years. Content published has been republished by numerous news media outlets such as the ABC 33/40, Fox 6, Saturday Down South,, Birmingham Business Journal, Sports Business Journal, etc.

Possible Subject Matter

The center's mission encompasses all areas where analytics impacts sports including fan engagement, sponsorship, player tracking, sports medicine, sports media, operations, athlete performance analytics, Sabermetrics, and in-game strategy.


  • Word document
  • Excel file with data, charts, tables
  • A JPEG headshot – minimum size 200 X 200 (make sure you have permission from photographer)
  • A short one or two sentence bio
  • E-mail to Dr. Darin White at
  • An image or video to feature the article on social media and the Center’ main web page. You must provide permission for us to use the image/video. If image/video is from a team, league, other third party, please seek permission from their social media manager. Once received, please forward the permission email to us.
  • Alternatively, you can select an image at SoCon Photo Shelter website. Please provide the web link to selected photo (the Center has permission to use any of the photos on the SoCon website).
  • All articles must include charts/tables with new and interesting data. Many of the best articles will be built around what the reader can learn from the data presented. There are plenty of good examples on the Center’s website.
  • All citations, photo credits, etc. should be listed at the bottom of the article in APA format.


  • I don’t count words
  • Some of the most popular articles have been short–others much longer
  • Short paragraphs–plenty of white space improves readability since many people view on smartphones or tablets

Editorial Tips

  • If you have images/tables/charts (which we highly encourage) in the article, send the images as separate JPEG files and indicated in the document where they should be inserted. Send the tables/charts in an excel file.
  • Articles should be written in third person.
  • Check out the content at FiveThirtyEight and Fan Graph. The Center tends to publish content that is similar in style to these two websites.
  • Blog posts should include a title that is “tweetable” (under 140 characters) and grabs the audience’s attention. This will be the most read part of your blog, so make it good!
  • Research shows that most people stop reading a blog post after the first 3 or 4 sentences. Thus, you need to make sure the opening few sentences of your blog posts does a great job of “hooking” your reader.
  • Blog posts should be “chunkable”. People do not like reading text that goes on and on. Thus, it is important that you break your blog up into “chunks”. Do this by adding attention-grabbing, tweetable subheadings every 100 to 200 words.
  • Inserting quotes from prominent experts and placing their Twitter handle next to their name is a great way to get the expert to tweet your article. Like this: Professor Darin White (@Sports_Biz_Prof) says, “Sports analytics is a growing field.”

Please Note

  • Not all pieces will be accepted because of abundance of submissions
  • We can’t guarantee publication date on time-sensitive material
  • We reserve right to approve content
  • Previously published pieces are not accepted
  • Center Web Content Editor will determine the title – though we encourage you to make a suggestion
  • We do not accept content with grammatical errors

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