Entrepreneurship involves identifying, evaluating and pursuing opportunities that create economic and social value. The Brock School of Business Entrepreneurship Program includes classes and activities, many of which have received national recognition, to train aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, work in small or family businesses or lead innovation in large businesses.

Nationally Recognized Program 

Recognized in 2010 as the best new entrepreneurship program in the U.S. by the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE).  

Regions New Venture Challenge Business Plan Competition 

The Regions New Venture Challenge  is an annual business plan competition that rewards innovative students with cash prizes as seed money to start their own business. Many of the winners of this competition are thriving entrepreneurs today.  Regions New Venture Challenge Rules and Guidelines

Student Incubator 

The Brock School of Business Student Incubator provides a way for our student entrepreneurs to have a place to run their business without having to deal with large start-up costs which makes it easier for students to start their business. 

First Year Business Student Enterpreneurial Experience 

First year business students have an opportunity to experience what it means to be an entrepreneur by taking BUSA 100.  This course provides students the opportunity to write preliminary business plans and compete in their own division of the Regions New Venture Challenge each spring.

Micro-Business Funding

Students can launch and run their own businesses during their junior year through Micro-business funding. The top three teams in 2013 averaged more than 800 percent ROI and earned a total of more than $3,500 in scholarships. Top teams are eligible for residency in the Brock School Student Business Incubator.


For more information about this major, please contact Dr. Chad Carson or Dr. Darin White 

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