Entrepreneurship involves identifying, evaluating and pursuing opportunities that create economic and social value. The Brock School of Business entrepreneurship major includes courses and activities that train aspiring entrepreneurs to become business owners, work in small businesses or lead innovation in large businesses.

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Samford Startup

The Samford Startup student incubator program is a supportive community of like-minded students who are actively seeking opportunities to learn more about business, enterprise, innovation and problem solving. The Samford Startup space in Cooney Hall allows student business owners a physical place to launch and run their business without incurring large start-up costs. Residents have access to meeting spaces and conference rooms for appointments and consultations, as well as limited funding to support their business operations. Residents have the opportunity to connect with experts across campus, in the local community, and within the expanded Samford network to bring experience, insights, and opportunities for these student entrepreneurs. Regular discussions with professionals might focus on branding, pricing, financial modeling, customer service, leadership, or a variety of other topics in which students wish to concentrate.

Residency in the space is open to Samford business majors and nonbusiness majors. If residency is full, a limited number of affiliate memberships are available. Affiliate members gain access to the same meeting spaces, discussions, and networking opportunities available to the resident members.

Contact the Brock Family Chair in Entrepreneurship, Matt Mazzei, to apply for residency in the Samford Startup program.

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Freshmen Entrepreneurial Experience

Freshmen business students have an opportunity to experience what it means to be an entrepreneur by taking BUSA 100. Through this course, students have the opportunity to write innovative business plans in teams and enter friendly competition with those plans. This experience allows students to learn teamwork skills and collaboration along with the disciplines of business needed for the construct of the plan.

Micro-Business Funding

Students can launch and run their own businesses during their junior year through micro-business funding. Top teams are eligible for residency in the Samford Startup student business incubator.

Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the Department of Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing plays several important roles as a conduit to the business community. Board members provide guidance on course content so that our curriculum stays current with the needs of the profession. While some of the board members offer internships and jobs with their companies, the introductions our board members give us to other professionals in the business community are extremely valuable – both in terms of employment opportunities and mentorship for our students.

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