Published on October 20, 2015 by Darin White  

Social media offers sports properties a means of connecting with fans in ways never before imagined. This is particularly true for millennial fans who spend, on average, over two hours per day on social media.

Understanding the ever-changing nature of the social media landscape is one of the greatest challenges of implementing an effective social media strategy. As a professor of marketing that teaches social media marketing, I can testify to the challenges of staying current in this rapidly evolving field. The number of new social channels coming on the scene seems to accelerate with each passing year. Young millennials tend to be the most willing to give these new social channels a try.

Here are a few examples of the changing nature of young millennial social media usage habits.

Young Millennials are increasingly choosing Instagram over Facebook.

Most Important Social Network

Favorite Social Media Site

Young Millennials love sharing photos of themselves. Sports properties would be smart to find ways to encourage such sharing at the game!

What Are They Posting?

Source: The Ups And Downs Of Social Media Use Among Teenagers [INFOGRAPHIC] ~ Digital Information World