Published on December 17, 2015 by Shawn McCormack  

GoPro as we know it has completely changed the way we take pictures and shoot videos. Whether you're trying to get a group snapshot or you're free falling from 12,000 feet, GoPro has revolutionized the modern camera. I purchased my first GoPro a couple of years ago and I use it all of the time. I have used it going scuba diving, mountain biking on trails, or just taking pictures.

Deals and Partnerships

On January 24 of this year, GoPro reached a deal with the NHL to give its fans access to a first person view from the players perspective. This is GoPro’s first deal with a major professional sports league and it is unknown if the two will partner in the future. As part of the deal, cameras would be placed on players, referees, and in various places around the rink.

GoPro got its big break in college football last spring when Nebraska decided to have its players wear face mask cameras during the April football game.

Cornhuskers GoPro Footage

Could we be seeing GoPro possibly expanding into other professional sports league’s like the NFL and MLB? It is very likely. Several NFL teams including the Cincinnati Bengals and St. Louis Rams have used GoPros during practice specifically with the quarterbacks. The coaches then use the footage shot during practice for a post-practice evaluation and critique them on how they can get better.

GoPro MLB/ESPN Partnership

On April 20, GoPro and the MLB partnered together to give fans that first person view of what the players see on the diamond. The first player to wear the GoPro was St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams. I believe all fans would love to get a first person view of the through the eyes of the players, no matter what sport it is. GoPro has also partnered with ESPN to show some perspective views of players during practice.

GoPro/Drone Combo Will Revolutionize Fan Experience

GoPro Founder and CEO, Nick Woodman has exciting hopes in the near future for GoPro. When asked about drones he said, “GoPro is good for drones and drones are good for GoPro. Look at what people are doing in 2015, just think about what they will be doing in 5 years.” With drones and player-mounted cameras, the way fans watch live broadcasted games will forever change. I believe GoPro will revolutionize and become a main competitor for some of the biggest media and entertainment companies.

This blog post was written by Samford University student Shawn McCormack.


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