Published on September 1, 2016 by Daniel Rodriguez  

In today’s era technology is growing faster and faster each day with business and sports alike trying to keep up with this massive advancement. It is vital for any business or sport team/organization to be able to provide the latest technology for its fans to be able to stay on top of a highly competitive market. That’s why professional teams/organizations are all working on bettering their on and off field experiences through the use of technology.

“In 1921, the first voice broadcast took place on April 11th. The Westinghouse station KDKA, located in Pittsburgh, broadcast a live radio announcement of a 10-round boxing match up. Later, in August of the same year and also in Pittsburgh, a baseball game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies was broadcast from Forbes Field” ( Since 1921 things have changed in the technology realm and how teams go about “broadcasting” or marketing themselves. Today most people walk around with a portable device that gives them access to pretty much anything they need; music, radio, live feed/updates, internet, social media, etc. Teams have used technology as a “tool” to market their organization and get more fans in their stadiums. They do this by using social media technology to market their brand and by equipping their stadiums to be “tech-friendly” or “smart stadiums” to lure people in to a stadium that has the ultimate experience through the use of technology.

If sports were to fall behind in their use of technology you can rest assure knowing there would be a decline in attendance and viewers because of how demanding up to date technology and quick information is today. Now days people have their phones on them at all times, and fans are using their phones during sporting events too. The Phoenix Suns realize this and are taking advantage of this opportunity. They have recently partnered with Verizon and created “wireless wallets” so that fans can purchase tickets, concessions and memorabilia all from their phone without using their wallets. These are the conveniences people are looking for at sporting events and what will set teams apart from each other in terms of fan experience.

Mobile apps will now allow you to find the seating you desire, buy food from the concession without using your wallet and find you the best route home to avoid traffic; all using your mobile device. These kinds of apps and easy to use smart phone applications are what teams are looking for to continue to provide the ultimate experience for their fans. They are also using these kinds of technology to market themselves as well.

Sports organizations know that the research shows that the majority of fans are on their phones at some point and definitely before and after they leave the stadium. For that reason they are also using these apps for marketing purposes. When you open the app and use it for however you please there are also ads that will be there advertising what the company wants to promote. They might also add in raffle opportunities and giveaways to entice people to use the app. This is all a chain reaction to get people to know and think about their organization which in turn they hope to draw in more crowds. The Dolphins are also renovating their stadium and making it more “tech-friendly” with TV screens in front of select rows, four massive jumbo screens visible from anywhere in the stadium and more Wi-Fi capabilities for fans to access in game amenities.

At the end of the day all professional sports are exploring new ways to bring about the ultimate experience for their fans. This includes using the most used device that we as human beings carry on us twenty four seven: our cellphones and mobile devices. Through the use of applications and websites teams have found a way to merge sports with its fans and technology to bring live updates, seating arrangements, food, and assisted routes to and from stadiums all with in the device that’s in their hands. All of this makes the experience that much better and for that reason professional sport teams have continued to fill their stadiums with fans that are eager for some good action.

Written by: Daniel Rodriguez @drodzz7
General Editor: Macy Marin

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