Published on February 26, 2016 by Cole McCrary  

The Sacramento Kings are not known for their great team, their great seasons, or even for playoff runs and championships. The Sacramento Kings are trying something new for their fans, hoping to keep them loyal. “In the Instagram generation” the Sacramento Kings find it very important for their fans to keep up with social media while at their games. Sacramento is creating a new stadium to make it a lot more accessible with social media. It is important for the fans to be happy with the Kings, even if they are losing. Sacramento is on the upside of performing well, but they still have a lot of work to do. Regardless, the upgrade of this new stadium will keep the fans involved. The new stadium will also be able to hold more people, to allow for more revenue.

Basketball Attendance 2016

This new stadium is important for the Kings to keep their fans involved. Although ticket prices might increase, tickets will give the fans a much better experience than watching it at home. This arena gives fans the opportunity to do a lot more on their phones at the games. The arena will allow people to post thirteen pictures to Instagram per second. The Wi-Fi that will be installed in the new arena is 17,000 times faster than the Wi-Fi at home. There are more important things than just Instagram that will benefit the fans, as well as the Kings, at the new stadium.

With this new arena, fans will be able to use the Sacrament Kings app. In this app people can look to see the shortest concession stand line or even the shortest bathroom line. This app will help the Sacramento Kings by allowing fans to post their feelings about the upgrades to the stadium, any feedback will be welcomed. This app is a way for the fans to connect with the organization, and allow for the team to make the needed changes to make the fans even happier. This arena is for the fans to come to a game and enjoy everything about the visit, but it is also for the organization to make the fans happy for their visit to a Kings game. This is also a way for the organization to increase their attendance per game.

It is important to understand that the new arena is for fans to come to more games and be able to make it a live game, instead of watching it at home. The Kings are trying to make their new arena as close as they can make it to actually watching the game at home. If the Wi-Fi connection is 17,000 times faster, and people can use an app to get food faster or go to the bathroom fast it is pretty close to watching the game at home. The only difference is that people are watching the game at this incredible stadium.

Marketing this new arena will not be hard for the Kings. This new arena shows that the organizations care for their fans, even if the team is not performing well. This will be a very expensive project, but hopefully by increasing fan loyalty it will pay off in the long run. This arena will benefit everyone. The benefits for the fans are that they get a new high technology stadium, and the organization gets to make their fans happy, while rejuvenating their fan base.

Written by Cole McCrary
General Editor : Macy Marin


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