Published on April 9, 2018 by Jesse McCord  

Chicago has the most loyal fans of every professional sport there is in America. Through the top five sports in the United States, Chicago finds itself at the top of the list at number one for almost every category. Baseball is a big exception for the rating though since they have two professional baseball teams; however, one of their teams sits at number 1 in the rankings for favorite professional teams. Through MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLS the city of Chicago stands firm at the most favorite team in three of those professional sports (Sports Business Resources).

The city of Chicago loves its sports, but we will start with MLB since they have two teams participating in MLB. For those of you who may not know, MLB stands for major league baseball, and of all the teams that play in this league, two of them reside in Chicago. Baseball in Chicago is very historic, being the fact that the Chicago Cubs have one of the oldest stadiums in history. The other team in Chicago is the White Sox. In the rankings for favorite MLB teams, the Chicago Cubs hold firm at the number one spot, and the Chicago White Sox are down at number 17. Though baseball has been through a bit of a dry spell in this great city, through the last few years the Chicago Cubs have been there in the race in the playoffs and won the World Series in 2016 (SBR)

Baseball favorite teams

Baseball in Chicago is at the top of the list and so in basketball. In the NBA the Chicago Bulls have not done so much to bring the gold medal of a popularity contest to their front door, but they were legendary when Michael Jordan was leading that team. Fans of the Chicago Bulls are very loyal in the place of where they are at now because they haven’t done much as a team since Jordan, besides the few years Derrick Rose was there and healthy. With all of that being said, the Chicago Bulls lead the NBA favorite team rankings in the number one spot over the flashy teams like Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers (SBR).

Basketball favorite teams

Hockey in Chicago is a force to be reckoned with. The Chicago Blackhawks have lead the leader boards for favorite team rankings for a long time. They are always making noise in the post season. The Chicago Blackhawks before 2009 were pretty rough around the edges. They were practically giving tickets away just trying to fill the stadium up, and then they hired John Mcdonough. Mr. Mcdonough turned that franchise around and later Forbes Magazine called them “The Greatest Sports-Business Turnaround Ever”. Hockey is a great sport for the city of Chicago, but the fans do not stop there.

Hockey favorite teams

Through the remaining sports of the NFL and the MLS, Chicago fans didn’t rank first, but in the NFL, they ranked 5th and in the MLS they ranked 2nd (SBR).

This blog post was written by Jesse McCord.