Published on January 23, 2019 by Darin W. White  

The Center for Sports Analytics at Samford University has formed a new partnership with ScoutCast Baseball to offer Samford students the opportunity to gain real world sports analytics experience. ScoutCast collects in-game, Doppler radar data on player performance for top collegiate baseball programs across the country, including Stanford, Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Connecticut. ScoutCast is the official data partner of FlightScope, providing data and scouting services to numerous Major League Baseball (MLB) organizations.

Students will be analyzing actual in-game data on characteristics such as launch angle, exit velocity, spin rate, pitch extension, break and movement. FlightScope, a 3D phased array tracking radar system, measures 27 different data points for every play in every game. For more information on FlightScope, please visit their site​.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for students to gain valuable experience with cutting edge technology and analytics in the world of baseball,” said Dr. Matt Mazzei, fellow in the Center for Sports Analytics. “Students aspiring to work in baseball operations or have careers in the front office of MLB teams will be expected to have intimate knowledge of these data points.” 

The Center is seeking to fill up to five paid positions before the start of the collegiate baseball season. In general, college baseball games are played on the weekends, so an ability to do some work on weekends, Monday or Tuesday will be critical. Opportunities should be available in the summer and fall terms as well. Interested students should send an email to Dr. Mazzei (

Successful candidates will work remotely, as the company is based in Florida. Interns will utilize the new M. Chad Trull/Krowten Capital, LLC Data & Sports Analytics Lab in the Brock School of Business to complete their work.  Students will be paid a stipend of $1,000.00 that is to be broken up into two payments at the beginning and end of the semester.