Natalie Bennie, '16

In 2017 Natalie Bennie was named a Rhodes Scholarship finalist, adding to a list of personal achievements that includes selection as a Debate All American,  U.S. National Debate Team member, Summa Cum Laude Debate Scholar and Fulbright program teaching assistant in Germany.

Jude Thompson, '12

My current position is marketing and outside sales for a steel company here in town. (Never in a million years would I have guessed that.) I gave a presentation to our company a few months ago, and our CEO came up to me afterwards and wanted more information on Samford. I really can't give enough credit to the teachers/school for preparing me and the other students in our department for the working world. If I could push one thing that benefitted me the most, it would be Public Speaking. The more you do the more comfortable it becomes; much better to be nervous in college and get that out of the way than at work.

Brandy Luna, '12

Through Communication Studies, I have learned how to communicate any message with conviction. I've learned how to use context clues to my advantage when communicating in unfamiliar settings. Most importantly, Communication Studies has given me the confidence to communicate. Whether I have an audience of one or one hundred, whether I'm in a room full of friends or at a job interview, I know I have the tools to communicate effectively.

Jason Gossett, '10

Being in the Air Force I have to be able to communicate effectively. By majoring in Communication Studies, I feel like I have a leg up on my peers.

Lindsey Cunningham Williamson, '06

I was telling my husband just yesterday how much I miss some of my classes...I pull principles from communication theories we learned all the time and in hindsight, I am so grateful for my education and for my major especially. Colby and I are in Minneapolis in the St. Paul area in a community called Roseville. We work at Bethel University. We are on staff with Campus Outreach Minneapolis and are pioneering a student ministry at Bethel. We are both so excited about the team of people we work with and also the church we are involved in.Thanks again for all you did for me!

Olivia Keaggy, '06

I've got an amazing job at a company called International Expeditions. My title is Assistant Destination Manager for West Africa and Egypt. The best part about it is that I actually get to go on the trips! What I wanted to tell you is that I brought in my senior portfolio and the COO of the company was blown away! She even brought the president of the company into my interview to show him. After she looked all through the portfolio,she told me that she thought I was qualified to take this position,rather than the one I was originally shooting for. This position is waaay better! So I have Comm Studies to truly thank!