Eiko  Chapman
Japanese Tutor, Critical Languages Program
Howard College of Arts and Sciences
World Languages and Cultures
338 Beeson Hall
Youngja “Eiko” Chapman was born in Osaka, Japan, where she studied sociology before coming to the United States in 1986 to study Early Childhood Education. Since 1988, she has taught Japanese language at all levels from kindergarten through college. She trained in the Total Physical Response approach to language teaching and taught as an educational counselor with the University of Montevallo for three years. At the same time, she organized the Small World language program’s curriculum of cultural exchange for broadening children’s foreign language horizons. Since then, she has taught Japanese at the college level for twelve years including six years at Samford. Additionally, she taught at a Japanese Language Cooperative School for thirteen years and homeschooled her two daughters until they went to high school, and has worked as an interpreter for a local corporate housing company for twelve years. Chapman has taught simultaneous interpretation and translation to and from English and Korean and worked as an interpreter in Korean, English, and Japanese for Hyundai while they were setting up the plant in Montgomery. She has ministered to the Japanese community for more than twenty-five years and now serves as a minister to Japanese women at Vestavia Baptist Church.