Will  Kynes
Associate Professor, Director, Preministerial Scholars
Howard College of Arts and Sciences
Biblical and Religious Studies
Office: 221 Chapman Hall
Email: wkynes@samford.edu
Phone: 205-726-4839
Curriculum Vitae

Will Kynes joined the Department of Biblical and Religious Studies in 2019 after teaching at Whitworth University for six years. Before Whitworth, he spent another six years in the UK, where he completed an M.Litt. at the University of St. Andrews, a Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge, and then taught at the University of Oxford. He has an M.Div. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His research focuses on wisdom and suffering in the Hebrew Bible viewed from the varied perspectives of various biblical texts and their readers across history. His first book, My Psalm Has Turned into Weeping: Job’s Dialogue with the Psalms, earned international recognition in 2015, when it was awarded the Manfred Lautenschläger Award for Theological Promise. His second monograph, An Obituary for “Wisdom Literature”: The Birth, Death, and Intertextual Reintegration of a Biblical Corpus (OUP, 2019) challenges the modern imposition of the “Wisdom” category and its associated post-Enlightenment ideals on the biblical text. He has also edited several collections of essays, including The Oxford Handbook of Wisdom and the Bible, and published a number of scholarly articles and essays. Kynes is currently working on an introduction to biblical intertextuality and a book on how different cultures have found hope in the biblical tradition of wrestling with God, for which he undertook archival research at the National Museum of African American History and Culture as a Smithsonian Fellow in 2018.

In addition to teaching and researching, he enjoys swimming, watching college football, walking while listening to audiobooks, spending time with his wife, Vanessa, reading to his three daughters, and being involved in his local church.

Degrees and Certifications

  • B.A., University of Virginia
  • MDiv., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • MLitt, University of St. Andrews
  • Ph.D., Cambridge University

Awards and Honors

Service to the Academy


Select Articles and Book Chapters

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Recent Presentations

  • “Genre in Three Dimensions: A Reception-Oriented Approach to Genre and the Death of ‘Wisdom Literature,’” Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity Seminar, co-sponsored by the Virginia Center for the Study of Religion and the Department of English, University of Virginia, 18 April 2019.

  •  “Genre as Reception and the Contingency of Critical Consensus: An Obituary for ‘Wisdom Literature,’” Use, Influence, and Impact of the Bible section; Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, 17 Nov 2018.

  •  “A Suitable Match: Eve, Enkidu, and the Boundaries of Humanity in the Eden Narrative and the Epic of Gilgamesh,” Genesis section; Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, 18 Nov 2018.

  •  “Reading Proverbs according to the Definition of Wisdom Narrated in 1 Kings 1–11,” Wisdom in Israel and Cognate Traditions section; Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, 19 Nov 2017.

  •  "Debating Suffering: The Voices of Lamentations Personified in Job’s Dialogue,” Megilloth section; Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, 18 Nov 2017.

  •  “The Death of the ‘Wisdom Genre’ and the Rebirth of ‘Wisdom’ and Genre,” Wisdom in Israel and Cognate Traditions section; Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, 21 Nov 2015.

  •  “An Obituary for ‘Wisdom’: The Birth, Death, and Canonical Reintegration of a Biblical Category,” Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise Winners’ Colloquium, Heidelberg, Germany, 11 May 2015.