Kenneth B.E. Roxburgh
Howard College of Arts and Sciences
Biblical and Religious Studies
220 Chapman Hall

Ken Roxburgh came to Samford from Scottish Baptist College in Glasgow, Scotland, where he served as president and taught. He received his B.A. from the London School of Theology, his M.Th. from Aberdeen University, and his Ph.D. from Edinburgh University.

Roxburgh researches the History of Christianity in Scotland in the 20th century. He has written numerous articles for scholarly journals, as well as a book, Thomas Gillespie and the Origins of the Relief Church in 18th Century Scotland (Peter Lang, 1999). At Samford Roxburgh teaches Baptist History and Theology, Christian Theology, Pastoral Theology, and Contemporary Theology. He has pastored churches in Scotland and Alabama and is a member of Vestavia Hills Baptist Church.

He is married with two adult children who live in Scotland. He has two grand-daughters and two grand-sons.

Degrees and Certifications

  • B.A. Hons (London School of Theology)
  • M.Th., Aberdeen University
  • PhD, Edinburgh University


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  • Christianity in Scotland in the 20th century


  • Ecclesiastical History Society
  • Baptist Historical (UK) Society
  • Scottish Church History Society
  • National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion
  • American Academy of Religion