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David R. Bains
Religion and Philosophy, Religious Architecture, Worship Space
Kristin A. Bakkegard
Science and Technology, Environmental Science, Alabama Biodiversity, Zoology
S. Jonathan Bass
History, Civil Rights, Alabama and Birmingham History and Culture, Political Science and Politics, Civil Rights, Birmingham and Alabama History and Culture
Lisa J. Battaglia
Religion and Philosophy, Buddhism
M. Brad Busbee
Language, Literature and Film; Medieval Literature and Culture
Stephen Linn Chew
Science and Technology, Psychology, The Science of Learning and Teaching
Carol Ann Vaughn Cross
History, Women’s Studies, History, Ave Maria Grotto
Lawrence J. Davenport
Science and Technology, Alabama Botany and Wildlife
Theresa C. Davidson
Political Science and Politics, Race Relations, Social Class and Inequality, Gender Studies
Annie DeVries
global and comparative history, imperialism, modern Egypt, the modern Middle East, and women’s and gender history
Elizabeth G. (Betsy) Dobbins
Science and Technology, Environmental Science, Alabama Biodiversity
Betsy Emmons
Sport, Sports Media, Journalism and Communication, Social Media
Angela D. Ferguson
Education; International Education; German Language and Culture; Language, Literature and Film
Rosemary Mims Fisk
Education; Education in China; American Literature; Language, Literature and Film
H. Hugh Floyd
Science and Technology, Environment and Health
Shannon R. Flynt
Arts, Art History
Ryan Galloway
Journalism and Communication, Debate
Marissa Grayson
Education, Education Politics, American Institutions, Public Policy, Political Science and Politics, Education Politics, American Institutions, Public Policy
Denise J. Gregory
Education, Science and Technology, Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Fields
Tim Hall
Early American religious history and the Atlantic world
Amanda Howard
Health, Parenting, Trauma in Children, Foster Care, Parent-Child Attachment
Mikle D. Ledgerwood
French Language and Culture; Language, Literature and Film; World Languages and Cultures; French History; Eurovision Song Contest
Jeffery M. Leonard
Religion and Philosophy, Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, Hebrew Language, History and Culture of the Land of Israel, Semitic Languages, Ancient Near Eastern Myth and Religion
John Mayfield
History, American South, Civil War, Reconstruction, Colonial Era
Jennifer McClure
Religion and Philosophy, Sociology of Religion, Religious Congregations, Religious Organizations and Leaders, Congregational Health, Faith Development, Statistics, Social Psychology, and Prosocial Behavior
Anthony Minnema
Christian-Muslim relations in the Middle Ages, conflict and coexistence between different faiths in the premodern period
Scotty Moates
Environmental Management, Energy
Kenneth Odom
Environmental Management, Water
Rhonda G. Parker
Journalism and Communication, Communication in Relationships
Jennifer L. Rahn
Science and Technology, Coastal Geography
Josh Reeves
Science and religion
Kenneth B.E. Roxburgh
History, Religion and Philosophy, Baptist History
Dennis L. Sansom
Religion and Philosophy; Ethics; Religion; Philosophy in Literature; Philosophy in Literature; Language, Literature and Film
Fred Shepherd
Political Science and Politics, Human Rights, International Relations, Genocide
Serena Simoni
History, International Relations, Organized Crime, International Security, Italian Politics, Political Science and Politics, International Relations, Security, Organized Crime, Italian Politics
Julie Sims Steward
Modern Poetry; Literature; Language, Literature and Film
Chuck Stokes
Religion and Philosophy, Young Evangelicals, Impact of Parental Divorce on Young Adults
James R. Strange
History, Religion and Philosophy, Early Christianity and Judaism, Archaeology of Palestine
Stephen R. Todd
History, Ancient Greek History, Military
W. Jason Wallace
Religion and Philosophy, Western Intellectual History, Catholicism in the South
Julie Hedgepeth Williams
History, Titanic, Wright Brothers, Colonial Media
Geoffrey Wright
American Literature and Film; Language, Literature and Film