Published on December 10, 2010  

This year’s Fall 2010 Homecoming guest lecture was given by Professor Emeritus, Dr. W. Mike Howell, of the department of biological and environmental sciences at Samford University. In his talk, Dr. Howell spoke about his recent book, Butterflies of Alabama.

"I wrote the book, along with co-author Vitaly Charny, over nine years of field studies, data collecting, photography, and writing,” says Howell. “I have been fascinated by butterflies since my youth, so writing this book gave me the chance to really learn about them in depth. Further, Alabama has been called the "Amazon of the South" in that we nearly 150 butterfly species documented for our state, and this is an amazing number compared to most other states. Therefore, Mr. Charny and I wanted to make the citizens of our state aware of, and appreciative of, our tremendous biodiversity of butterflies."

The lecture took place on Friday Nov 5th, 2010 . “The Homecoming talk, Butterflies of Alabama, was well-attended (about 80-90 attendees) with several alumni in the audience” says Howell. "The group was attentive and asked numerous questions following the lecture."