Published on October 28, 2010  

The Howard College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to congratulate the inaugural group of Howard College Ambassadors. The Ambassadors program seeks to increase declared majors for the college, and encourage prospective students to learn the value of a liberal arts education. Ambassadors represent the sixteen departments within the college, and are selected by department faculty members.

Ambassadors for the political science department are Riley Barnacastle, Jessica Cunningham (pre-law), and Mary Evelyn Todd (international relations). History department ambassadors are Kathleen Artman, Amanda Elenteny, Jason Malone, and Hallie York. Religion ambassadors are Elizabeth Walker, Rich Havard, and Leanna Coyle. Students representing the communication studies department are Ruth Gay and Amber Sloan. The chemistry department ambassadors are Danielle Brown and Walter Turner. Psychology ambassadors are Callie Gibson (psychology/history), Jeddy Corley, Daron Dominguez, Caroline J. Miller, Christine Pappas, Hannah Rogers (pre-med), Liz Rogers, Megan Terrile, Laura Waters, Kara Felton, and Molly O’Brien. The biology department is represented by ambassadors Danielle Darby, Angela Keffer, Kathryn Matherly, Sarah Blaire McGough (pre-med), Colette Nammour, Hillary Sawyer (pre-med), and Ashley Spann. The department of journalism mass communication is represented by Leslie Graf, Lacy Craig, Annie Lockwood, Ben Johnson, Ruth Anne Crews, Jackie Long, and Steven Lyles. Philosophy department ambassadors are Jay Meservy, Tyler Clardy, Kristin Bailey (philosophy/religion), and Stephen Bailey (philosophy/chemistry). The physics department is represented by Ashley Varni (English/physics). The geography department is represented by Michelle Foreman (geography), and Katie Campbell (geography/classics). English department ambassadors are Lindsey Crider and Anna Marie Pope (English). The department of world languages and culture is represented by Abby Sander, Justine McCarty (WLAC/international relations), and Kevin Holley.

The group is supervised by Rachel Corr, Admissions Coordinator.