Published on March 4, 2010  

Junior mathematics major and Air Force ROTC cadet Zac Epperson was recently invited to participate in the Advanced Course in Engineering (ACE) Cyber Security Boot Camp this summer. The elite course is a “program for developing cyber officers—airmen, warriors [and] leaders,” according to their website. Zac will "receive education in information operations fundamentals, network defense, cryptography, computer security and digital forensics, among other topics," said mathematics professor Dr. David Foreman. "The course will also include cyber war games, visits to historical battlefields, and the opportunity to learn from the top leaders of the Air Force Research Laboratory, the U.S. Military Academy, and the defense industry."

"Getting ACE means a lot to me," Zac said. "I think that it is a big opportunity for me to learn what active duty life might be like and to gain experience in a very interesting field."