Published on April 30, 2012  

Samford University "Fellows" honor students Stevie Carnell (Physics) and Frances Isbell (English) have been chosen to attend the Witherspoon Institute's "First Principles: Natural Law and History" seminar in Princeton, N.J., July 29-August 11. 

The Witherspoon Institute is an independent research center that works to enhance public understanding of the moral foundations of free and democratic societies. The institute promotes the application of fundamental principles of republican government and ordered liberty to contemporary problems through a variety of research and educational ventures.

University of Cambridge professor Thomas D. D'Andrea will lead the two-week Witherspoon seminar, which will focus on the relevance of history for the apprehension and interpretation of natural law. The text-based program will examine various works, including Thomas Aquinas's De Regno, Eric Voegelin's Modernity without Restraint, Leo Strauss's Natural Right and History and Christopher Dawson's philosophy of history.

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