Published on June 13, 2013  

Samford’s Classics Department presented its annual student honors in spring, 2013.

Awards included:

Wheeler Scholarship Medal for First Year with Honors
Sam Hahn

Seal Scholarship Medal for Second Year with Honors
Andrew Bennett

Tower Scholarship Medal for Third Year with Honors
Joy Berkhouse
Mary Katherine Jorgensen

Howard Scholarship Medal for Fourth Year with Honors
Courtney Phares
Nathan Smolin
Susannah Walters
Becca Wiggins

Latin Awards
Elementary: Stephen Lavett
Intermediate: Chris Taunton
Advanced: Becca Wiggins

Greek Awards
Elementary: Rachel Ray
Intermediate: Joy Berkhouse
Advanced: Mary Katherine Jorgensen

Philology Award (outstanding in both upper-level Greek and Latin)
Nathan Smolin

Classics 200 Spirit of Schleimann Award
Sam Hahn