Published on June 13, 2013  

Samford’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication presented a host of departmental honors during its annual banquet in spring, 2013.

Student Media Awards
Outstanding Entre Nous Staffer: Eleanor M. Stenner
Outstanding Sojourn Staffer: Rachel L. Freeny and Ali M. Thurwachter
Outstanding Crimson Staffer: Natalie E. Wilkinson
Crimson Special Awards: Katherine J. Willis, Editor-in-Chief

Scholastic Awards
Freshman: Elijah Luke Chandler, Allison M. Kanne
Sophomore: Sydney A. Cromwell
Junior: Rebekah L. Robinson, Dana K. Rose
Senior: Jacqueline L. Long, Julie K. Matthews, Courtney L. Price

The Timothy Sumner Robinson/Washington Post Fellow
Jacqueline L. Long

Harold & Jean Martin Writing Awards (Print)
First Place: Sarah M. Waller
Second Place: Clayton T. Hurdle
Second Place: Rachel L. Freeny
Third Place: Megan P. Thompson
Fourth Place: Kaitlin K. Stewart
Fourth Place: Jennifer A. Ferry

Harold & Jean Martin Writing Awards (Broadcast)
First Place: Leslie A. Graf
Second Place: Branden H. Moore
Second Place: Kayla J. Shaffer

Outstanding Film Production Student
Jacob A. Davis

Foundation of the Department Awards
Rachel L. Freeny
Allison E. Hubbard
Kaitlin K. Stewart
Megan P. Thompson
Ali M. Thurwachter
Katherine J. Willis
Jacob A. Davis
Chenelle R. Terry
Ruth Anne Crews
Hannah W. Granbery
Hilliary L. Hallman

Top of the Track Awards
Outstanding Advertising/Public Relations Student: Laura J. Powell
Outstanding Broadcasting Student: Leslie A. Graf
Outstanding Print Student: Julia Reed Richardson
Outstanding JMC Student Award: Jacqueline L. Long and Sarah M. Waller