Published on October 4, 2013  

Samford University’s Classics Department is hosting the annual meeting of the Alabama Classical Association Oct. 4. Approximately 20 Latin teachers from throughout the state will attend the half-day program.

The meeting will include a session on technology in the Latin classroom, a teaching materials exchange and a discussion of the writings of ancient Roman historian Livy.

Samford’s Classics Department is the largest in the region, and maintains an active network of alumni, many of whom teach Latin in Alabama schools. Alumnus Drew Lasater serves as ACA President. Alumna Lisa Moore Yeager serves as ACA Vice President.

In addition to its support for the ACA, the department often hosts the annual meeting of the Alabama Junior Classical League, which brings to Samford more than 500 Classics students from the state's secondary schools.

In July, 2014 Samford’s Classics Department will again host LatinSummer, the largest and oldest program of its type in the nation. The two-week camp for elementary and middle school students is presented with Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute. LatinSummer students will have classes in mythology, Roman culture and Latin, and will enjoy a wide range of hands-on activities such as carving inscriptions, building models, playing language games and creating Roman clothing.