Published on October 6, 2014  
Jim Brown

Samford University history professor Jim Brown will draw on decades of teaching memories and research for a discussion of his new book, FairyTales, Patriotism and the Nation-State; The Rise of the Modern West and the Response of the World, Homecoming Saturday, Nov. 1.  

The book, written primarily for college students, introduces readers to modern world history by blending history, folkways, geography and modern technology.

Brown said the project originated in his earliest teaching assignments at Samford and evolved through interaction with students, travel-study courses he taught with biologist colleagues and his involvement in what would become the university’s modern core curriculum. “Looking at it from this end of the process,” Brown said, “it’s clear that the book mostly grew out of a dialogue with Samford history students over the past forty-some years.”

Brown’s presentation will begin at 9 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 1, in Christenberry Planetarium, a venue chosen to make best use of the projected Google Earth maps Brown developed for his book.

Seating in Christenberry Planetarium is limited to 94, so be sure to arrive early enough to secure a place!