Published on September 10, 2021 by Sean Flynt  
Steven Chew
Steven Chew

Samford University psychology professor Stephen Chew has created a new set of four videos designed to help students make the sometimes challenging academic transition to college. Chew, one of the nation’s most celebrated psychology professors, works with transfer students in the Samford STEM Scholars program and found that some of those students can benefit from specific help with academic transition, beyond his acclaimed series of videos for students on how to study effectively, and last year’s video on Learning in Pandemic Times.

Chew also noted that, after more than a year of pandemic disruption at all levels of education, many students could use help getting back into a more normal academic routine. “I'm especially concerned about incoming freshmen who spent their senior year in remote learning,” Chew said. “The transition to college is going to be even tougher for them.” Other teachers are sharing that concern in online discussions, so he decided to create the new series. The videos include:



Self-Regulated Learning