Academic Programs

Undergraduate Majors

Physics (BA)

Samford’s Physics Major for the BA degree provides the foundation for graduate study and some of the world’s most exciting science careers. Our majors seek to discover and understand the laws of nature at their deepest level as they prepare for work in government, industry, military and education.
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Physics  (BS)

The Physics Major for the BS degree adds a senior thesis and upper-level elective courses.
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Engineering Physics

Our Engineering Physics Major emphasizes the physical application of the foundational science of the 21st century, with opportunities to research, create and build alongside expert mentors. Earn the BS degree only, or add an engineering degree from a partner university through our dual-degree program.
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Undergraduate Minors


A Samford Physics Minor is an excellent complement to any STEM or health care degree, as applied physics continues to transform the technological possibilities of almost every career.
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