Economics Major

Resources are scarce.
The future is uncertain.
Economics studies how we deal with these limitations.

In your economics courses, you analyze how firms produce, how households consume, and how governments tax, spend, and regulate. You will develop tools, skills, and habits that will help you make better choices in the workplace, the grocery store, and the voting booth.

Economics helps us find less-than-obvious answers to important questions. What happens when the government punishes people for “price gouging” after natural disasters? Are wars and natural disasters good for the economy? Do seat belt laws really save lives? How should damages be calculated in court cases? How does Walmart affect the communities it enters? Why do people volunteer? Do non-profits spend too much money on fundraising?

Samford’s economics major (BSBA or BA) prepares students to enter almost any field. Economics is widely considered a top major for graduate school in fields like economics (obviously), finance, public policy, political science, law and more.

When you major in Economics at Samford, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work side-by-side with professors on cutting-edge research
  • Present original research at regional, national, and international conferences
  • Spend time with visiting scholars and speakers
  • Study timeless texts and new ideas in reading groups and seminars
  • Advisory Board

If you need further information about this major, please contact Dr. Steve Jones.

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