An opportunity offered each year in January

Every January since 2011, Alan Jung, dean of Samford's School of Health Professions, leads a team of students, alumni and professionals to serve the people of the Dominican Republic to operate a mobile medical clinic, treating patients who otherwise might find it impossible to see a doctor.

“Five years ago, I met the founder of One Vision International, a not-for-profit in Knoxville, Tennessee,” Jung said. “They organize mission trips to the Dominican Republic and other seemingly forgotten parts of the world. We decided to form a partnership that I knew would benefit both the people of the Dominican Republic and our students.”

Where will you travel?

The team travels through Dominican Republic as a medical clinical, moving from village to village, often returning to the same villages each year with the goal of sustaining efforts in the areas and building relationships.

When does the trip take place?

The trip always takes place during the first two weeks of January.

Travel Costs

The trip's cost varies from year to year, but estimated, the trip will cost between $2,000 and $2,500. 

For more information, contact Alan Jung at

Student Experiences

Time spent in the Dominican Republic undoubtedly revealed the magnitude of both physical and spiritual burdens of God’s people, and action we’re called to respond with. Our team was enabled to build relationship and share the hope of Jesus from the platform of medical care. Though temporary physical relief is needed we were strengthened to share eternal healing from the Ultimate Physician. The week spent across borders has molded my view of obedience and purpose for the rest of my life as I pursue a profession in healthcare. I thank Dr. Jung for his faithfulness to respond to the Lord’s calling of taking students out of their comfort zone to serve and learn from such influential Physicians and Physician’s Assistants as we interacted with patients. I wish I could wake up and do it everyday, it was a blast!”

Emily Davis, senior, health sciences major (traveled in 2017)

“In the DR, I was able to have hands-on experience in medicine that I would not have gotten here in the states.  I learned so much about medicine, and how to treat not only the physical needs of the people there, but also the emotional and spiritual needs of some!  The team we had quickly became close friends, and our relationships with the physicians and Dr. Jung have grown so much.  I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic and go out of my comfort zone to help others.”

Will Jackson, senior, health sciences major (traveled in 2017)