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Learning About, From and With Each Other
For more than a decade, Samford University has pursued excellence in interprofessional education. Today, with its four health-related schools under the College of Health Sciences, its commitment to collaboration has expanded to encompass interprofessional education, scholarship and practice.
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Practice and Team Ready
McWhorter School of Pharmacy works to transform its Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum to prepare the next generation of pharmacists to be practice and team ready.
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Serving the Underserved
At Ida Moffett School of Nursing, practice meets mission at the Easterseals Clinic in Pell City, Alabama.
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Learning to Care for the Whole Person
Interprofessional teams of students in the School of Health Professions learn to care for the whole person, working side by side to evaluate and treat survivors of a traumatic brain injury at the annual Bright Ideas TBI Camp with the Alabama Head Injury Foundation.
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Birmingham Baptist Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Celebrate Reunions
Birmingham Baptist Hospital School of Nursing was founded by The Birmingham Baptist Association in 1922 to educate nurses and meet a desperate need for skilled practitioners. In 1968, the school was renamed Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing after Birmingham Baptist Hospital graduate Ida Vines Moffett.
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Experiencing the Sights and Sounds
Social work faculty utilize virtual reality to teach disaster preparedness and response
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Ida Moffett School of Nursing Introduces Psychiatric Mental Health Concentration
Samford University’s Ida Moffett School of Nursing launched a psychiatric mental health concentration within the nurse practitioner department. The concentration is designed to prepare primary care nurse practitioners to manage the mental and behavioral care of patients across the lifespan. 
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A Mix of Hard Work and Luck
For nearly 22 years, McWhorter School of Pharmacy alumnus Lee Harrison ’75 has served as president of NaphCare, an organization that partners with correctional facilities across the country to provide health care services for their inmate populations.
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Witnessing the Transformational Gift of Life
Taylor Tucker, a junior public health major, witnessed the transformational impact of organ donation through a summer internship with Dialysis Clinic Incorporated and the New Mexico Donor Services.
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Pushing Health Care Simulation Closer to Reality
The ingenuity of faculty in Samford’s Experiential Learning and Simulation Center extends the limits of realism to improve simulation experiences for students.
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Advancing Alzheimer’s Research Through the Lifespan of a Fruit Fly
McWhorter School of Pharmacy faculty Patty Jumbo-Lucioni uses fruit fly models to study the body’s renin-angiotensin system (RAS) and the anti-hypertension drugs that actively silence the RAS.
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Simulation in Nursing Education: 10 Years of Enhancing Patient Care
In 2009, Ida Moffett School of Nursing first utilized high-fidelity simulation to provide students with realistic patient care scenarios within a safe environment. Over the past ten years, the authenticity of these scenarios has changed drastically.
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School of Health Professions Launches Physician Assistant Studies Program
In 2013, Samford University approved the establishment of a physician assistant studies program within the School of Health Professions. Six years later, the program’s inaugural class of 36 has arrived on campus. 
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One Death is Too Many
Ida Moffett School of Nursing faculty Megan Mileski seeks to find solutions to Alabama’s high maternal mortality rates
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The Tools We Use to Serve
Speech language pathology students in the School of Health Professions use the latest technology and equipment to further care for the whole person.
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Working in the Field
The School of Public Health places a strong emphasis on internships, empowering students to combine what they learn in the classroom with the knowledge they gain in the field.
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Our Latest Degree Programs
The College of Health Sciences is meeting the demands of today’s growing health care workforce by preparing competent and compassionate individuals who are answering their calling to care.
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A Tale of Pharmacy in Two Cities
Study abroad electives in McWhorter School of Pharmacy expose students to the field of pharmacy in two European cities.
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