Biological and Environmental Sciences

Whether you are interested in the ecology of the Amazon rainforest, the biodiversity of East Africa, the wonders of field zoology, the excitement of exploring Europe through our London Center, the secrets of modern cell and molecular biology, the stewardship of the environment, the fascination of the medicinal value of plants, or the marvels of the human body, the Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences will offer you rich opportunities to develop your interests.

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I learned a lot about the art of education from my time spent in Samford University's biology department. I studied my professor's delivery of their material and demeanor in the classroom just as much as I studied the curriculum they taught. Allan Phipps, Albert Einstein Distinguished Fellow Educator 2012, 2010 Broward County (Fla.) Teacher of the Year, 2007 SeaWorld/Busch Gardens/Fujifilm National Environmental Educator of the Year

Students pursue careers in medicine, teaching, research, dentistry, field biology, optometry, marine biology, veterinary medicine, environmental science, and health-related professions.


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Samford Students Study at Disney, NYC, Perry County During Jan Term

Samford University’s annual January term helps students strengthen their vocational and leadership skills through unique academic opportunities across the United States. 
Photo Standing (L to R): Sam Hudson, Katie Burelle, Jeff Seitz, Katherine Gurley, Betsy Dobbins, Cole Sullivan, Austin Chapman, Jessica Zurlo (Fellow, PHF), Chris Sanders, Michelle McKinlay (Fellow, PHF), Luke Orthner, Luke Smith, Forrest Courtney.  Lower row (L to R): Claire Johnson, EmiliAnne Wheeler, Brooke Hess (Fellow, PHF), Morgan Zabow (Fellow, PHF), and Greta Hartmann (Fellow, PHF).

Jan Term Course Links Biology and Community Service

Samford students in biology professor Betsy Dobbins’ Biological and Environmental Perspectives in Community Health course blended learning and service in Perry County during the university’s January term. 
Photo Journalist Dan Fagin

Fagin Describes Crises of Natural and Communication Environments

“We can exploit the power that we have or we can embrace another Biblical concept—the concept of stewardship,” Fagin said. To do the latter, he said, we have to think beyond our individual situation and consider “what’s in the best interest of our children and grandchildren and the rest of our descendants.”