Program Summary

Why study chemistry at Samford? Chemists like to refer to our discipline as the “central science.” This expresses our view that chemistry overlaps with almost every other branch of science. The knowledge and skill that a student of chemistry develops can be applied to problems from the subatomic scale to those found in the farthest reaches of the universe.

The chemistry and biochemistry department faculty are my second family. Every one of them has contributed to fostering a research atmosphere on the third floor of Propst Hall and continues to push me to develop essential skills as a scientist.Rebekah Brooks, 2014 U.S. Goldwater Scholar, graduate student, University of Pennsylvania (2015)

Objectives & Goals

Upon successful completion of a B.S. in chemistry, a student will be well-prepared for graduate study, professional school, or positions in the chemical industries.

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Is This Program for Me?

Successful students in chemistry enjoy the challenge of understanding how the physical world operates. They are persistent in pursuing their goals, and they pay attention to the often small but meaningful details of a project. They are able to function well in both solitary and collaborative activities.

What Makes Us Different?

Our department is small enough to provide personal attention to each student, yet large enough to offer the breadth of experience needed to prepare our students for their future endeavors. We provide a range of research opportunities in which students can become involved. Our facilities are modern and well-equipped.

Career Preparation

Our faculty are well-versed in the skills and knowledge that students will need to be successful in graduate studies in the chemical sciences. One of our faculty members has specific expertise in preparing students for medical, dental, or optometry school.

Career Opportunities

Among the careers being pursued by our graduates are researchers, physicians, dentists, pharmaceutical representatives, university and secondary educators, pharmacists, and lawyers.

Notable Alumni

  • Mary Elizabeth Anderson, Associate Professor, Hope College (2001)
  • Marty Ready, Attorney (2001)
  • Joy Roberson, Project Manager, McCormick Foods (2007)
  • Todd Honea, Dentist (1999)
  • Alan Long, Pathologist, Skin Diagnostics Group (1995)