Katie Campbell

Katie Campbell `11–a Geography and Classics double-major–is completing her master's degree in Geography at Ohio University in May, 2013. She is focusing her research on climate change justice and hopes to carry that work as well as here GIS interests into the world of nonprofit environmental protection, education or awareness upon graduation.

C.G. Covey

C.G. Covey ’08 had a senior internship with the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama. His experience and contacts there opened the door to a job in Alagasco’s engineering department. Covey continues to work with Alagasco in a residential marketing position and in 2012 was one of 10 Alagasco employees selected for a company leadership program.

Paul McDaniel

Paul McDaniel ’04 earned an M.S. degree in geography at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (’06,) with a focus on immigration geography. He worked as a market research analyst at Bancography, Inc. in Birmingham, Ala., where he used GIS (geographic information systems), cartography, and demographic, social, and economic data analysis for various clients and reports. He earned an M.A. degree in higher education leadership at the University of Alabama-Birmingham (’07) and entered the Ph.D. program in geography and urban regional analysis at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. At UNC, McDaniel on ethnic/immigration geography and urban social geography. In 2012 McDaniel became a project researcher with the Center for Citizenship and Immigrant Communities at Catholic Legal Immigration Network in Washington, D.C., where he completed his doctorate. In addition to full time work, McDaniel also has taught geography courses online part-time as an adjunct instructor, and has worked occasionally as a freelance contractor/consultant on GIS/cartography/demographic analysis related projects for various clients.

Lauren Wasby Sinclair

Lauren Wasby Sinclair '07 taught 4th grade for two years before studying geomorphology and GIS for her master’s degree. He graduate foci were understanding glacial geomorphology in U.S. national parks, developing resources for national park rangers regarding glaciated landscapes, and using GIS in middle school classrooms. She worked side-by-side with regional experts on several aspects of landscape evolution, a topic that has become a strong personal interest for her. Sinclair now is a 7th and 8th grade teacher in Oregon. She spends her summers as a national park ranger, most recently in the heavily glaciated North Cascades of the state of Washington.

Lara Johnson, '96

(Master of Social Work , University of California Los Angeles) - She has a private practice in Los Angeles, CA.

Holli Drummond, 96

(Ph.D. University of Georgia) - She is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Western Kentucky University

Elizabeth Redding Floyd, '97

(J.D. Cumberland School of Law) - She is employed at Adams and Reese/Lang Simpson LLP, Birmingham, ALA.

Stephanie Hall '97

(Master of Public Health, University of Alabama Birmingham) - She is working toward B.S. Nursing at University of Alabama Birmingham.

Perlie Harris, '97

He is a Fire Claims Representative for State Farm Insurance Co., Birmingham, ALA.

Melissa Kaplan Mandell '98

(Master of Public Administration, University of Alabama Birmingham)

Anne Marie Kinman Trammell '98

(Master of Social Work, University of Georgia) - She is working for New Jordan Cares Retirement Communities, Iowa City, Iowa.

Stephan Floyd, '98

(Master of Education, University of Montevallo, Montevallo Alabama) - He is teaching at Calera High School, Calera Alabama.

Sarah Thomason Kingery, '99

(B.S.O.T. University of Tennessee, Memphis - Health Science Center) - She is seeking a Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, Nova Southeastern University.

James T. Taylor, '99

(Master of Education, University of Alabama Birmingham) - He is teaching at Homewood High School, Homewood, Alabama

Ryan Smith, '00

(Master of Criminal Justice, University of Alabama Birmingham) - He is a police officer in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Erin Spengeman, '00

She is currently seeking a Master of Divinity, University of Richmond

Susan Clemmons, '01

(Master of Public Administration, University of Alabama Birmingham; Masters of Library Science, University of Alabama) - She works for the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA.

Ahmad Brewer, '01

He is currently seeking Master of Social Work, Alabama State University

Mark Mitchell, '01

He is currently seeking a Law Degree at University of Arkansas Law School

Danielle Pinkston '01

Peace Corps, Morocco, Africa

Jessica Burgess, '02

Trainer/Recruiter for Youth Villages foster care program, Nashville, TN. She is admitted to Vanderbilt Divinity School.

Melissa Mauldin, '02

Ph.D. candidate in sociology, University of Florida

Christina Peterman '03

She is working toward a Master of Divinity at Duke University Divinity School, Spent academic year '03-'04 teaching ELS in China.

Andrew Wilbanks '03

He works for BellSouth on the Technology and Infrastructure Security Management Team.

Lauren Keel '03

She is working toward a Master of Family Studies, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Charles Lumbatis '03

He is working toward a Master of Counseling, University of Alabama Birmingham

Kristen Lingle, '04

She is working toward a Master of Public Health, University of Alabama Birmingham

Jennifer Hill '04

She is working at Momentum Telecom as a salesperson, Birmingham, Alabama

Eric Napier `05

He served with U.S. Army Special Forces in Afghanistan 2004-2011. In 2013 he earned an MBA degree at Rollins College.