Historians pose important questions about our world and search for deep explanations. History majors learn to think critically, to research well, and to communicate effectively. Every other academic discipline depends on historical explanations for their work. The history major has long been the choice of undergraduates seeking to develop a well-informed, sophisticated understanding of the world around us.

History classes at Samford are taught by award-winning teachers and acclaimed scholars. Our majors are on the leading edge of undergraduate research at Samford, connecting our campus to the community and the wider world.

Nancy Lipham
"I enjoyed not only the subject matter I studied but also the professors and the interaction between them and the students. When I left Samford I felt I was leaving my second home." Nancy Lipham - Senior Vice President, Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors

A history major prepares students for a broad range of careers and graduate degrees. Skills in research, critical thinking, and communication are valued by employers in many fields.


Photo Clockwise from top left: A fragment of a lamp mold, the lamp kiln, a complete lamp from the kiln, the coin hoard that helps date the site. Photos by Steven Meigs.

Israel Excavation Reveals Unique Lamp Kiln

In an area thought to have been a courtyard, the team discovered a special kiln for firing oil lamps and other small vessels, with two complete, identical oil lamps and a small bowl still inside. 
Photo Reynolds-Book.jpg

History Professor Reynolds Publishes Book on Racial Conditioning in the South

‘Maintaining Segregation: Children and Racial Instruction in the South, 1920–1955’ explores how black and white children in the early twentieth-century South learned about segregation in their homes, schools and churches. 
Photo Bass Book copy.jpg

New York Times Review Praises Bass Book

A New York Times review of ‘He Calls Me By Lightning: The Life of Caliph Washington and the Forgotten Saga of Jim Crow, Southern Justice, and the Death Penalty’ offers accolades for Samford history professor S. Jonathan Bass’ new book.