Global Studies Interdisciplinary Major

Global and Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed for students interested in the relationship between cultural forms, everyday life, and structures of power in a global context.

You can tailor the program to focus on a particular concentration and earn a minor in a specific language.

  1. Take core interdisciplinary classes (GCST 201 and GCST 301)
  2. Choose a concentration: Europe, Human Geography, or Latin America. (More coming!)
  3. Earn a minor in a language (Spanish, French, German, or Critical Languages).
  4. Travel abroad or participate in an internship.

Objectives and Curriculum

Knowledge and concepts: Students will learn from cultures different from their own, gaining an understanding of the complex processes of globalization and their relationship to history, politics, culture, and language through classroom instruction, internships, and study abroad.

Research and critical thinking skills: Students will demonstrate innovation of thought and communicate effectively about global issues, using written work, oral expression, and digital communication.

Values: Students will understand what it means to be global citizens, to look beyond local boundaries to see themselves enmeshed in a network that requires ethical awareness and cross-cultural perspectives.

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Is This Program for Me?

This program is well suited for people who are critical thinkers who also love learning about different cultures. In addition to being flexible and adaptable, candidates should be self-motivated and communicate well.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. Class size
  2. Emphasis on mentorship within the faculty-student relationship
  3. Ability to tailor the program with concentrations
  4. Learning community (focus group)
  5. Scholarship money for study abroad

Career Preparation

Market Ready

Global and Cultural Studies equips students with the research and critical thinking skills that can be employed in a variety of professions. In particular, students learn to assess and solve problems by taking a comparative approach and accounting for multiple perspectives. This approach is invaluable to work in law, politics, nonprofit and business administration, journalism, and vocational missions. Training in complex global processes gives students a particular understanding of the importance of remaining adaptable and teachable—skills that continue to serve them professionally as they enter a job market that globalization will shape throughout their professional lives.

Career Opportunities

Global Studies is an attractive major for students who want to pursue a variety of post-graduate options both in the United States and abroad. Alumni have left Samford for careers and fellowships in law, international development, journalism, business, teaching, and government. The major allows students to study the development of culture broadly and the emphasis on language acquisition assists graduates in finding interesting and diverse job opportunities. Our alumni are successful professionals and engage global issues creatively on local, national, and international levels.


Lifeline Children's Services, The Dance Foundation, Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, Maxwell Law Firm

Accolades, Alumni & Faculty

Alumni Careers

Business, Law, Journalism, Education, Government, Non-Profits, Missionary