Program Summary

The interdisciplinary film production minor, offered in cooperation with the Department of Theatre and Dance, allows students to become conversant with the conceptual and practical aspects of visual storytelling. Students will write and edit their own scripts, use digital video cameras to capture scenes and edit their own projects using high-end software.

Objectives & Goals

Students who complete the film production minor will graduate with skills in:

  • Documentary filmmaking
  • Directing and casting
  • Screenwriting
  • Film editing
  • Sound mixing
  • Lighting
  • And more

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Is This Program for Me?

Students in this program should be creative thinkers at ease with adapting to changing plans. They should have an eye for details and continuity. Above all, film production students should be passionate about telling stories of all kinds in a variety of genres.

What Makes Us Different?

Samford's film production minor is designed to be interdisciplinary, meaning students will learn from professors in the journalism and theatre departments. This varied approach allows you to gain experience in all areas of the film production industry and not limit yourself to just screenwriting or shooting and editing.

Because it is a minor and not a major, the film production program easily complements whatever major you choose. While it pairs especially well with the JMC and theater majors, all of Samford's majors are able to contribute a unique perspective for your film courses.

Career Preparation

Market Ready

Students in this program are active participants in their film education. We believe that the best way to learn film production is to leap in and start doing, so our curriculum is hands-on and production-oriented. Our courses involve direct work with camera equipment, editing software, screenwriting and more. Because of this, Samford film production students graduate with personal, tactical knowledge of what it takes to produce films of all kinds.

Many of our students submit their film work to local, regional and national competitions. We also emphasize internships and other film work outlets so students can gain additional experience outside of their coursework.

Career Opportunities

As video and film continues to grow as a means of content delivery, we see no end to what our film production students can do. Students who complete this minor would be well-prepared to launch their own video production businesses, work on movie or television sets, shoot and edit for broadcast television stations, run live production for churches, create online video content for newspapers and magazines, and much more.


Birmingham offers a host of film internship opportunities. From Sidewalk Film Festival to small production houses to local ministries, businesses and organizations across the city are looking for talented, knowledgeable students to jump in and create incredible film work.