Published on February 7, 2017 by Sean Flynt  
Wiget Paul and Berry Elle
Dr. Wiget with Samford alumnus Ellie Berry (‘16) discussing the nuclear magnetic spectrum of a molecule she synthesized.

Rooted in Samford University's commitment to pre-professional degree paths such as pre-med, pre-pharm, and nursing, Dr. Wiget’s research is devoted to providing every Samford undergraduate student the opportunity to perform publishable research, increasing his or her competiveness in his or her career path. Dr. Wiget's research interests are in chemical biology and other biochemical fields closely allied with synthetic and physical organic chemistry. His research aims to develop new, economical methods for the construction of medicinally relevant compounds, and understand their behavior. He is currently working on the synthesis of ruthenium-based complexes for use as photodynamic therapies, as well as the synthesis of a broad class of molecules, the sarcodictyins and brairellins, whose medicinal uses range from various cancers to malaria.

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