The Bachelor of Arts in Worship and the Arts is an interdisciplinary degree designed for students committed to vocational worship ministry in the church and para-church organizations. Coursework emphasizes the practices of Christian worship and ministry with complementary studies in an arts concentration of the student’s choosing. Students are prepared to design, plan, and lead worship through arts-centered ministries such as art and design, dance, film production, journalism, mass communication, music, and theatre. Upon graduation, students will be equipped to pursue full-time worship arts positions in church and parachurch organizations or graduate studies in seminary.

Meet the Faculty

Emily Andrews
Eric Mathis
Wen Reagan


Art and Design


Film Production

Journalism and Mass Communication



Students can develop artistic areas of interest to prepare for full-time church ministry positions with time divided between responsibilities in worship and production roles such as graphic design, film production. They also include responsibilities in business administration, children’s ministry, youth ministry, urban and global missions, sports ministry, and other related fields. This degree will offer training options to students who wish to enter congregations with ministry positions divided between worship and another area.

Hands on Experience

Collaborative Career Preparation

Samford has strong relationships with area churches that offer internships and work opportunities during and after graduation. The Center for Worship and the Arts, housed in the School of the Arts, provides dynamic teaching models for intergenerational worship practices and allows students to teach and explore worship and the arts through a variety of ongoing programs.

Students will follow coursework in area concentrations along with Samford’s Catalyst Arts Curriculum that provides collaborative career preparation.


Students have hands-on experience with worship programming through the Campus Worship Team and the Worship Arts Ensemble.

Program Outcomes

  1. Articulate a calling to an area of worship arts ministry.
  2. Apply critical thinking skills and exercise discernment in worship arts ministry.
  3. Identify the history, theology, and practice of public worship in the Christian tradition.
  4. Identify the history, theology, and practice of the arts among individuals and communities throughout the Christian tradition.
  5. Design, plan, and implement arts-based ministries that serve the church and its worship practices.
  6. Demonstrate competency in a specific artistic medium.
  7. Collaborate with other artists and artistic mediums through a ministry approach that utilizes interdisciplinary studies and connections.
  8. Reflect biblically, theologically, philosophically, sociologically, and pastorally on Christian ministry, worship, and the arts.

Admission and Scholarship Requirements

Admission to Worship and the Arts

In order to apply for admission to the Worship and the Arts major within the School of the Arts, undergraduate students must apply to Samford University through the Office of Admission and have declared Worship and the Arts as their major on the university application. Admission to the Worship and the Arts degree is considered pending until an interview for admission has been completed.

Interviews are offered onsite and online.

If your concentration is Art and Design, Journalism and Mass Communication or Film Production, find your timeline here.

If your concentration is Music, Theatre or Dance, find your timeline here.

Worship and the Arts Application

Scholarship for Worship and the Arts

Arts Scholarship consideration is separate from admission consideration. Scholarship audition/interview/portfolio requirements are defined according to concentration.

We  encourage students wishing to audition for scholarship in a performing arts concentration to register for a Worship Arts Admission Interview and Scholarship Audition on the same weekend. Scholarship Audition Weekends are:

November 1-2, 2019
January 31-February 1, 2020
February 21-22, 2020

Worship and the Arts Admission and Scholarship Instructions

Art & Design Manual