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Auditions for wind, brass, and percussion players, who are enrolled at Samford University, are scheduled for August 27th, beginning at 6 pm on a first-come first-served basis. Auditions are required for membership. Students unable to audition for Orchestra and Wind Ensemble at this time should email Dr. Brian Viliunas, and Dr. Demondrae Thurman to schedule an alternate audition time.

String players should contact Jeff Flaniken to schedule their placement auditions.


Students should use in order to find the part they are most interested in performing from Tchaikovsky's second symphony finale and Sibelius's second symphony finale.

Wind Ensemble

Repertoire for this audition is provided below. Use the links to download the repertoire required for your primary instrument.




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Attendance Report for Music Seminars/Recitals

Student Attendance Report for MUSC 0999-01 Music Seminar/Recital available below.  Chrome, Firefox, or Safari recommended. Questions? Email René Golden or Dr. Randall Richardson.

Attendance Report