In order to apply for admission to the School of the Arts, undergraduate students must apply to Samford University through the Office of Admission and have declared a major within the School of the Arts.

Admission to the Department of Theatre and Dance and consideration for the School of the Arts Scholarship requires a theatre application, an interview/audition and in some areas an interview.  Your audition can be completed in person or by video submission.

Admission Process

  • Submit The Common Application or Samford University Application declaring a major within the Department of Theatre and Dance. 
  • Review Audition Guidelines for your declared major.
  • Request an audition for admission which will appear on your Application Status Page checklist once you have declared a major in the Department of Theatre and Dance. You will be required to submit the Theatre application in order to complete your audition request. Confirmation of your audition/interview is received in approximately two weeks after submitting the Theatre application.
  • Prescreens are required for all Musical Theatre applicants and Theatre for Youth applicants seeking admission to a vocal intensive track of study. 

2020-2021 Audition Weekends

The Department of Theatre and Dance will host virtual audition weekend information sessions on scheduled audition dates.  All video submissions will be required to partake in a virtual interview and direct back session with Theatre and Dance faculty during a scheduled audition weekend.  Please request an audition for admission to see the live, virtual and video options for your area of study.   

  • Nov. 20-21 – Video Submission Only – December Decision (receive your admission decision to the Department of Theatre and Dance by Christmas)
  • Jan. 29-30, 2021
  • Feb. 5-6, 2021
  • Feb. 26-27, 2021

20-21 Audition Clarifications

  • Voice only prescreens are required for BFA musical theatre and BFA theatre for youth (voice intensive) applicants.
  • Prescreen deadlines are November 15 to attend the November 20-21 virtual audition weekend and a decision by December. December 1 for all spring audition weekends.
  • In the event a BFA applicant passes through the prescreen, the prescreen videos will be used as the final voice audition videos.
  • All voice auditions will be by video submission, thus, prescreens are used as final voice audition videos.
  • Students will be notified if they do/or do not pass the prescreen. Should the student not pass through prescreen, they will be redirected to an alternate theatre major for which to audition/interview.
  • The November 20-21 audition weekend is all by video submission and virtual interview. The applicant must submit videos for voice, acting and dance by November 15 to be considered for BFA musical theatre or an alternate degree on the November 20-21 audition weekend.
  • The theatre application and portfolio are accessible to an applicant once their university application is submitted.
  • All videos and supplemental materials should be uploaded to the applicants Samford Application Portfolio found on the applicant’s Application Status Page.

Video Audition Requirements

All pre-screen recordings and audition video submissions must follow the following criteria.

Recording and editing

  • Songs and monologues should be filmed in a 3⁄4 shot, which means the top of the head to the knees should be visible in the frame.
  • Each song and monologue file should be 60-90 seconds (this time limit includes the slate at the beginning of the piece and is strictly obeyed; please do not upload media files longer than 90 seconds.
  • Each piece should be recorded as a separate media file with no editing mid piece.
  • Sound should be as natural as possible and should not be manipulated with reverb, compression, auto-tune or any other enhancements.
  • Dance submissions should be a full shot, which means the top of the head to the floor should be visible in the frame. All body movement should appear within the frame.


  • There should not be a separate “slate” video, rather slates are to appear at the beginning of each piece.
  • The proper slate for a song is to share your name, the title, and show in which it appears.
  • The proper slate for a monologue is to share your name, the title of the play, and the playwright.

Audition Requirements by Major

All prescreen and audition requirements by major are available in the Department of Theatre and Dance Audition Guidelines. If you have specific questions about auditions, please contact the Arts Recruiter at