Published on November 20, 2019 by Ashley Smith  

Alumni and directors from multiple eras of the Samford A Cappella Choir recently returned to Samford to celebrate the remarkable ensemble’s 80th anniversary.

The theme of the weekend gathering was “family” and how these relationships developed in the choir have impacted hundreds of individuals. 

From an evening concert in Reid Chapel to singing the National Anthem at the football game, the current and alumni choir members combined the best of the past with the present.  

A Samford A Cappella alumnus and current Samford professor Joel Davis put it, “For me, this is a really special moment because as I look around, it’s this amazing moment of worlds colliding- classmates, mentors, directors and now current and former students all in one place.”  

As current members gained a full appreciation of this legacy, past members demonstrated the intensity of these lasting and deep friendships.  According to Laura Doss, “The A Cappella Choir is really about three things: music, worship and relationships.” She continued, “They tell you it will never really be the same after singing in the A Cappella Choir at Samford, and it won’t with the exception of returning to sing ‘Beautiful Savior’ once again.”

The A Cappella Choir looks forward to a busy future performing, leading worship services and competing internationally this coming spring.