Samford students can continue to explore dance through the Dance Minor or the Dance Company.  The program attracts students from across the Samford campus from different schools and majors.  Students perform annually in a custom choreographed event as well as take part in theatre or music productions.  There are two on-site dance studios available for classes and production rehearsals. 

Dance Minor

The Dance Minor provides a broad but deep foundation in dance.  It includes a critical study of the history and culture of dance, while also weaving in courses in choreography, performance and dance technique.

Students will participate in dance creation and performance, and develop technical skills that deepen their scholarly appreciation of dance as a medium. Each year, students perform at an annual dance concert and participate in other productions.  

The minor is open to all undergraduates. No previous dance experience or audition is required, however students with dance experience may audition for upper level dance courses.

Students pursuing a minor do not have to be a member of the Samford Dance Company. Additional technique classes fulfill the requirements of the Dance Minor.

Classes include:
6 semesters of a dance technique class (including ballet, modern dance, and jazz)
2 performance credits
Dance History
Dance Pedagogy
Business of the Arts   

Dance Company

“Dance Company has been the greatest part of my Samford story thus far. I love being able to continue dancing, and performing, without having a stressful time commitment. Every week, we get to explore ballet, modern, jazz, yoga, etc. This is the perfect way to continue dancing and keeping my skill level up. However, my favorite part of being a part of the Dance Company is the people who I get the privilege to dance with. We all have vastly different majors, campus involvement, and dance background. Dance Company is composed of truly talented girls. We challenge each other. We support one another. We are distinct young women who have come together to celebrate the one thing that connects us all: a love of dance.” --Ann Parker, Dance Minor and Dance Company Member

The Samford Dance Company

The Dance Company is for intermediate and advanced dancers, skilled in ballet and/or modern technique. The class includes weekly technique classes in ballet and modern dance, as well as rehearsals for the Dance Company Concert that is held in February. Full participation in the concert is expected.

Class Time: MWF 1:00-2:50pm


Auditions occur on the first Monday and Wednesday of the fall semester.

Monday, August 26 1-2:50 p.m. - Ballet technique class
Wednesday, August 28 1-2:50 p.m. - Modern technique class

You must sign up to audition prior to the audition by emailing Alisa McCool at

Students are also encouraged to attend a Dance Company class during the spring semester prior to enrollment. This class can be the student's audition for the Company, which often facilitates class registration.