MAcc Program

The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program prepares graduates to succeed as accountants and advisors to organizations in today’s dynamic, global business environment. Students will develop technical, interpersonal, critical-thinking and communication skills to enable them to derive and interpret information used by investors, managers, and governments.

The graduate program at the Brock School of Business works effectively with others to provide a network to help students, faculty, and alumni connect with accounting professionals to facilitate career and placement opportunities for students.


Samford MAcc graduates maintain personal and professional ethics and integrity while including appropriate values in developing and maintaining professional careers.


Samford MAcc graduates effectively communicate ideas, analyses, plans, and evaluations to individuals and groups.

Professional Research Skills

Samford MAcc graduates possess skills to perform basic financial, auditing, and tax research.

Analytical Skills

Samford MAcc graduates possess analytical and problem solving skills necessary to enter the accounting profession.


Samford MAcc graduates recognize the importance of effective team work, value diverse perspectives and skills, and willingly assume a variety of roles to accomplish team goals.

Technical Knowledge

Samford University MAcc graduates possess strong technical skills in the functional areas of accounting (financial, tax, managerial, governmental/NFP) that lay the foundation for success in today's business world.

Whether working for one's own firm, a corporate accounting department, a public accounting firm, or a nonprofit or government agency, success in the accounting profession typically includes successfully passing the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam. Accounting programs at the Brock School of Business prepare students for a career in this dynamic profession and for successful completion of the CPA exam. In nearly all states, the CPA exam can only be taken after completing a 150-hour program of study. A combination of the B.S.B.A. accounting major and the MAcc degree fulfills this requirement. Taking the MAcc courses upon completion of the undergraduate degree places students in the workforce only one year after completing an undergraduate degree program and the MAcc program.

 The Brock School of Business offers a Professional Accountancy Program (joint B.S.B.A. Accounting/MAcc degree) which meets the 150-credit requirements.