In today's global economy, employers seek job candidates,  regardless of their business major, who have strong interpersonal  and sales skills.  Our Professional Sales Concentration helps students develop the essential sales skills that employers are looking for, while at the same time, exposing them to the tools and technologies that are critical to being successful in today’s business world.  The success of our program was recently recognized again by the Sales Education Foundation.  The Foundation has named Samford's program a 'Top University Sales Program' in their 2017 Annual magazine. 

Learn to Engage in the Buyer-Seller Relationship 

The Professional Sales Concentration is comprised of three classroom courses plus a sales-related internship. All students in the concentration enroll in Professional Selling, a course that pushes students to hone their communication skills while developing a deep understanding of the dynamics of the buyer-seller relationship. The course engages students with traditional role plays as well as cutting-edge video interviewing technology.

Build Strong Relationships with the Customer 

The second required course in the concentration is Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  In this course students acquire hands-on experience using the most prevalent and advanced CRM tools used in industry – all with a focus on building and strengthening relationships with customers.   To round-out the classroom work, students choose from a list of sales-related business electives. When coupled with an internship in sales, Brock School of Business students complete the concentration in the classroom and through real-world experiences.  When students have completed the concerntration, they should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to help them succeed in the business world, regardless of industry.

Become Sales Savvy 

Whether a job is directly sales-related or not, businesses seek job candidates who possess strong communication and relational skills in addition to a techincal skill set.  Students in the Professional Sales Concentration in Brock School of Business learn to develop a balance between being 'tech-savvy' and 'human savvy.'

For more information about this concentration, please contact Dr. Clif Eason, Assistant Professor of Marketing.

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