Published on December 30, 2018  
W.T. Turner's word cloud"I quit school and over my father’s objections I kept on till I got a job in the mines, and he was assistant superintendent in charge of the night shift. He could get me a job if we wanted to, but he didn’t want me in the mine, but he finally gave in and gave me a job loading coal 42 cents a ton, and they put me in a water hole and made just as hard as they could possible make on me, so that maybe I would quit and come back out. But I didn’t."


Starting Work in the Mines and the Beginning of the Union

W.T. Turner describes the formation of the union in Docena.
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Jobs in the Mine and Safety

W.T. Turner describes his job as an electrician in the mines and explains safety procedures before and after the formation of the union.
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Changes in Docena from the Union

W.T. Turner talks about some of the changes that the union has caused over the years.
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W.T. Turner describes the details of strikes in the Docena mine.
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Boy Scouts

W.T. Turner recalls his involvement with the boy scouts in Docena, and common scouting activities.
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Relations with the Company and Closing Remarks

W.T. Turner describes the workers’ relationship with the company, and makes some closing remarks.
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Audio Information
InterviewerDon Sullivan
IntervieweeW.T. Turner
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection