Published on June 14, 2017  
"We had no electricity there. We had no runway lights or anything... So anyway, one of them said that the plane will come here but we have to provide lights on the runway. So everybody come and bring your cars and line the runway
and turn on your lights."


Introductions and Background

Bill and Audrey Cowley talk about their early life before entering the missions field.
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The Call to Missions

The Cowleys discuss their decision to enter the missions field and the process to become missionaries.
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Going to Nigeria

The Cowleys talk about their decision to go to Nigeria, and their early experiences teaching there.
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Jos, Nigeria

The Cowleys describe the city of Jos, its environment, and the creation of their school.
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The Nigerian Civil War

The Cowleys describe their time as missionaries during the Nigerian Civil War.
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The Jos Baptist High School

The Cowleys describe the layout of the Jos Baptist High School, as well as the operations and curriculum that they used.
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Coming to Samford

The Cowleys talk about their decision to start teaching at Samford.
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Teaching MK Students

The Cowleys discuss the challenges faced by MK students at Samford. They also talk about the differing world views of MK students, and how to teach these students.
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Challenges of MK Students

The Cowleys describe the services that they provided MK students to help them adapt to life at Samford.
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Teaching at Samford

Bill Cowley discusses his teaching experience at Samford University, as well as the differences in worldview between the average Samford students and MK students.
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Support for MK Students

The Cowleys describe the various support groups that provided support to MK students at Samford, such as various churches and scholarships.
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Interesting Stories

The Cowleys relate a few interesting stories from their time at Samford.
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The Religion Department

The Cowleys talk about what the Samford Religion Department was like during their time there.
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Final Remarks

The Cowleys relate some final stories from their experiences as teachers and missionaries.
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Audio Information
InterviewerEvan Musgraves
IntervieweeBill and Audrey Cowley
RepositorySamford University Oral History Collection
CollectionSTORI Collection